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Alasdair - women's collection fall winter 2012 by April johnson


Alasdair New York

April Johnson is a stylist and fashion consultant who has worked with many of the top names in fashion, advertising, and the music industry for nearly a decade. She began her career at American Vogue, where, as an Accessories Editor, she developed relationships with the most important designers and luxury goods houses in the US and Europe. Subsequently, she moved to one of fashion’s most well-known public relations firms, KCD, where as a PR and Production Coordinator, she worked on the publicity campaigns and runway-show production for clients such as Gucci, Versace, Marc Jacobs, and Helmut Lang, both in New York and Milan.

Since 2000, Johnson has pursued an independent path as a stylist for print and TV advertising, musician and celebrity promotions, and magazines. Her diverse roster of clients include companies such as Maybelline, Levi’s, Target, and Nike, and magazines such as Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, and L’officiel. By combining her knowledge of fashion with a talent for defining and building public image, Johnson has styled a large and eclectic list of famous names, from the White Stripes to Brad Pitt. Having developed strong relationships in the music industry in particular, Johnson has conceived and produced the visual styling for numerous album covers, live appearances, and global promotional campaigns.

Alasdair is a Scottish Gaelic given name. The name is a Gaelic form of Alexander which has long been a popular name in Scotland. The personal name Alasdair is often Anglicised as Alistair, Alastair, and Alaster. Spelling variants of the name include: Alastair, Alasdair, Alasdhair, Alasteir, Alastar, Alaster, Alastor, Alaisdair, Alaistair, Alaister, Aleister, Alester, Alisdar, Alistair, Alistar, Alister, Allaistar, Allaster, Allastir, Allistair, Allister, Allistir, Allysdair, Allystair, Allyster, Alysdair, Alysdare, Alystair, Alyster, Allastair, and Aldair.

In February, 2012, a fashion event was hosted by MATTER for the debut of ALASDAIR, a collection of women's clothing by stylist April Johnson, thus launching ALASDAIR NEW YORK and Other common spelling variants of the name include: AlastairNY, AlasdairNY, AlasdhairNY, AlasteirNY, AlastarNY, AlasterNY, AlastorNY, AlaisdairNY, AlaistairNY, AlaisterNY, AleisterNY, AlesterNY, AlisdarNY, AlistairNY, AlistarNY, AlisterNY, AllaistarNY, AllasterNY, AllastirNY, AllistairNY, AllisterNY, AllistirNY, AllysdairNY, AllystairNY, AllysterNY, AlysdairNY, AlysdareNY, AlystairNY, AlysterNY, AllastairNY, AldairNY, AlastairNewYork, AlasdairNewYork, AlasdhairNewYork, AlasteirNewYork, AlastarNewYork, AlasterNewYork, AlastorNewYork, AlaisdairNewYork, AlaistairNewYork, AlaisterNewYork, AleisterNewYork, AlesterNewYork, AlisdarNewYork, AlistairNewYork, AlistarNewYork, AlisterNewYork, AllaistarNewYork, AllasterNewYork, AllastirNewYork, AllistairNewYork, AllisterNewYork, AllistirNewYork, AllysdairNewYork, AllystairNewYork, AllysterNewYork, AlysdairNewYork, AlysdareNewYork, AlystairNewYork, AlysterNewYork, AllastairNewYork, and AldairNewYork